Book of Travels focuses on roleplaying choices for its character creation

Think, Mark.

How often do you start a character creator and think about your character’s backstory beyond what the stats say? If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool roleplayer, the answer is probably “most of the time,” and that means you’re going to be delighted by the character creation in Book of Travels. Far from being focused solely on your character’s capabilities, the latest video from the development team emphasizes that the goal is making you think about the character and what is implied by the character’s personality and history.

Players will have a biographical field to fill out, for example, allowing you to share details regarding the character and have that shared on your character sheet rather than existing solely in your head. While the “forms” are roughly analogous to classes, their role is also far more freeform and naturalistic, giving a sense of who the character is rather than simply defining their capabilities. Check out the full video just below if you’re curious to see more of this very roleplaying-oriented character creation in action.

Source: YouTube
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