Final Fantasy XIV readies itself for a cool Moonfire Faire on August 13

Cool story.

It’s time for Final Fantasy XIV to kick off its annual summer celebration very soon, but this year’s celebration is going to just hit a bit differently. How so? Well, this year the goal isn’t giving you a new swimsuit; it’s getting you in the mindset of being chill. You know what’s the chillest conceivable reward you could have? A polar bear to ride around on. So that’s exactly what this year’s big marquee reward will be, a gigantic polar bear to snurfle around upon through the summer.

You can ride the bear in a swimsuit, if you want. That is… you could be wearing a swimsuit while riding the bear. The bear will not be in a swimsuit.

Anyhow, you could also pick up some housing items including a new frozen treat, and of course there will no doubt be festival decorations to enjoy littered all over Costa del Sol as is tradition. The celebration kicks off on August 13th, so if you can’t wait to get a new bear to ride around, you can take heart in not having to wait much longer.


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