Lost Ark KR provides a more in-depth look at the Sorceress class in new video


While we got a brief look at the Sorceress class that’s coming to the Korean version of Lost Ark earlier this year, developer Smilegate has put out a second video that shares a more finely detailed look at this new caster.

While the video is obviously in Korean, there are plenty of context clues that western viewers can glean from the footage. For one thing, the Sorceress appears to be all about long cast times and huge damage, with abilities that have some wind-up but end with the unleashing of all kinds of elemental hell on fools. Speaking of unleashing elemental hell, the class appears to have the ability to switch its attacks to dish out fire, ice, or lightning damage. There’s also some resource management at work, with a bar that fills up and can be used for different effects like a swift dodge maneuver or a buff that reduces cast times.

As we’ve reported before, the game’s western launch, which is slated for sometime this fall, will bring five base classes, each with branching advanced paths. So while the Sorceress path for the Mage won’t be available at the western launch, fans of the incoming MMOARPG can at least get an advance taste of what will come later in the video below.

source: YouTube via Reddit

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