PSA: Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime return to Warframe on August 10


The Prime Vault could only hope to contain them for so long. Or something like that. That’s probably just a bit more flavor than Warframe’s latest announcement needed, but the fact remains that both Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime are going to be coming out of the Prime Vault and back into the game starting on Tuesday, August 10th.

The announcement is pretty much that simple but there are a couple of important notes to bear in mind here. For one, while both Prime ‘Frames can be bought up via the Prime Vault or Prime Access programs, they can also be earned in-game by collecting and earning certain Void Relics. It’s also important to note that, as with other Prime ‘Frame rotations, this means that the current Primes, Zephyr and Chroma, will be going into the Vault on August 10th, so those who haven’t added those characters to their roster have a limited time to do so.

source: press release

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Anyone who wants Zephyr Prime and Chroma Prime has a limited time to *purchase* them outright, or to grind for the relics that can potentially turn into their components. It will still be possible to team with people who have those relics (giving everyone in the team a chance at the parts) or to trade directly for the blueprints from anyone who has them and is willing to trade.

The main feature of Prime Access and Prime Unvaulting is really the “accessory pack” part, which usually contains some kind of cosmetics that it’s not possible to get any other way. IE, you can get the Prime Warframe and weapons by trading with other players. But if you want the cosmetic armor / glowy aura / cape / whatever that comes from the Prime Accessories pack, you have a limited time to get that.