Bless Unleashed’s PC launch is marked by 61K arrivals, server issues, region block, and rough Steam reviews

"The uninstall option works great!" --Fir3sky, 2021


So, how did the PC launch of Bless Unleashed go? I guess we’ll say “bumpy” to start off with. The action MMORPG’s launch certainly saw a lot of early interest, with SteamDB recording over 61,000 players hopping in initially and just about as many in-game at the time of this writing. However, this hasn’t happened without cost, as the game’s servers apparently strained under the load. Round 8 Studio is offering some freebies as recompense and is also expanding the Dream Dungeon server to accommodate the crowd.

While that might read as a good problem to have, there are some bad problems to point out as well. The game is apparently flagged unavailable in Belgium and the Netherlands presumably due to the region’s stance on lockboxes. Official responses have been conflicting in this regard, as an official announcement in February said Bless Unleashed wouldn’t arrive to the region due to “game related regulations,” while a reply to the matter on Steam referenced GDPR restrictions — restrictions, we hasten to point out, are applied to other EU nations that are otherwise not blocked from accessing the MMO.

Additionally, the initial launch came with some known issues such as the Steam overlay crashing the game for some players and Lumena from founder’s pack sales apparently duplicating to other regions and servers. For now, players are advised to disable the Steam overlay, and the devs are in the process of deleting the extra Lumena “so as not to confuse players.”

Finally, the game is not exactly receiving glowing reviews from Steam users as it sits at a “mostly negative” aggregate score at the time of this writing. Even some of the positive reviews dunk on the title, with one review reading, “The uninstall option works great!” We’ll be streaming the game tomorrow to let you know what we think!

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Joseph Groulx

At least the uninstall works good, wish the refund did.


It is about the lootboxes not the GDPR, if it was that i would be blocked in a whole lot more countries than just mine.

Personally i do not mind missing out on games like this due to the hard no loot box stance of my government.

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Not every poorly optimized game is mining crypto, this paranoia really needs to stop.

Vanquesse V

A game mining crypto behind the scenes has happened exactly once on steam as far as I know. It got uncovered in less than a week and it did not end well for the dev.
If you try to pull a stunt like that you don’t run extensive betas while taking and implementing feedback from players and you don’t delay your release date to further polish your game.
You also don’t release the game under a decently sized publishing name either.

If neowiz wanted to pull a get rich quick scam here is what they would have done instead: show vague out of context screenshots and videos. Overpromise on unique features. Lie about the types and amount of content in the game. Limit pre-release coverage to official channels and lesser known, partnered, influencers. And finally: Say your game is f2p, but launch it in early access with a 40$ buy-in.

Because that’s exactly what happened with Bless Online.
Bless Unleashed might turn out to be a trash-tier game and die before a year has passed, but it’s not a scam.


My 3060 Ti is running at 96% to 98% usage with the highest settings and doing 1080p 80 to 90 FPS. If I cap the FPS to 30 the GPU usage goes down to 36%. To me this seems like it is a very GPU heavy game and not so much related to mining. To mine the game would want to use the GPU overhead left behind from capping FPS.

Vanquesse V

I’ve played for around 10 hours after launch. I don’t think this will turn into anyone who frequents massively’s new main mmo, but it’s also not terrible. It’s very plain, but functional and the launch was (for me) one of the smoothest and most stable mmo launches I’ve ever seen. From what I hear the Asian servers were quite unstable so that’s part of reason for the low score on steam, but mostly it’s people being angry at Bless Online.
There are mmos on steam with as bad, if not worse p2w than Bless Unleashed with much higher ratings.
If you need an “mmo vacation” away from your usual games it’s not a bad option.

It’s a new traditional mmo that actually works and honestly, given the state of mmos in the last 5 years, that alone should be cause for celebration.

IronSalamander8 .

This whole situation just mystified me from the beginning. They had such a bad launch of Bless online and then launch this game which doesn’t sound all that different and by the same company that already has issues from before. I saw the Steam page out of curiosity so at least you can try for it free, but it still looks like a company and product to avoid.

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7 scam launches later…..

Can’t believe people fell for this AGAIN.

See you all in the shut down article comments in 6 months.


Is it possible to play this game without PvP? I was considering trying it, but it didn’t sound like that’s an option and PvP isn’t my thing.


It’s a shame people aren’t enjoying it. It is very by the numbers, but I’ve been playing and enjoying it this weekend. Looks very nice in 4k, I haven’t experienced any particular server issues, and if the game is unremarkable on its merits it’s not like we’ve had a crush of new entries the last couple years.

I suspect I’ll play through the story and launch dungeons, likely spend a month in it and might even chip in a couple bucks for a booster, but if not it’s been a free month of a new MMO. I’ll put that in the win column