Fiesta Online pushes out huge Realm of the Gods expansion


Gamigo’s anime MMO Fiesta Online is having a heckuva month, as the colorful title just got its biggest expansion to date: Realm of the Gods.

This is an actual expansion, starting with the addition of three new zones in the titular divine realm — Teva, Apoline, and Cypian — that come with over 100 additional quests and challenging bosses. The level cap’s been increased to 140 and there are new signature skills to attain, one for each class.

Players are going to need the power boost, too: “This will enable them to face the many new dangers awaiting in Fiesta Online and also take on the new dynamic zone events, where players need to team up and defeat waves of corruption entering the godly realms. These are sent by Pagel, God of Greed, to destroy the world and its inhabitants. Only the most courageous adventurers can team up and cleanse the zones of the corruption, while gaining the favour of the gods – and be rewarded handsomely for doing so.”

Source: Patch notes
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