Starbase releases hotfixes for research trees, markets, and miscellaneous bugs


With Starbase officially in early access, it would make sense for the devs at Frozenbyte to make updates and adjustments as players work through the sci-fi building sandbox. To that point, there have been a couple of hotfixes recently applied that aren’t necessarily huge in terms of content but are useful for addressing some bugs and other issues.

This past Wednesday saw a hotfix that works on several economic, research tree, and other miscellaneous matters. In terms of the economy, Ymrium Ore should now be collectible, the market will now buy items at -30% or -60% of their base price, and crafting data research points on certain tools have been fixed. Research tree adjustments include a renaming of a section of the tree and the addition of a couple of missing items, and other fixes focus on optimzation, bolting fixes, and a crash fix. The most recent update that went out this past Thursday, meanwhile, addresses issues with some fast travel matters and character data, and improves the in-game mail system and the handling of player support.

Taking a quick temperature of the game to this point, we see that Starbase is currently enjoying just over 9,500 players in its last 24-hour peak and a “Mostly Positive” user review score, with most user reviews noting the game’s potential while also pointing out general bugginess and a particularly high learning curve. “This game is like a passively abusive parent,” one review remarks. “You want to love them but they won’t even hold your hand. There is ice-cream but you’re not allowed any. And even if you do make progress, there’s no congratulations. Now shut up and be quiet, Gogglebox is on.”

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