Voidtrain is a survival sandbox where players build an interdimensional train and explore islands by rail


Looking through the description of Voidtrain and watching video footage, the closest I can come to in terms of a summary is that it looks a bit like Worlds Adrift meets Raft but in a vaguely steampunk style, and even that might be short shrift since this survival sandbox appears to be a pretty unique entry into the subgenre. Let’s let the official blurb set the scene:

“You play as mechanics who have fallen into a new world for them with their own rules and laws. Discover it, learn to survive in it, explore it. Immerse yourself in a new amazing adventure. On the way you will meet outlandish creatures, many secrets, puzzles and challenges. Gather resources for crafting useful items and structures that help in your survival. Customize the train the way you want to, as you adventure between the amazing worlds of Voidtrain.”

Voidtrain can be played in either single-player or four-person multiplayer and promises an interdimensonal world where gravity doesn’t always apply, with stations to pull up to and islands to explore full of secrets, creatures, and treasure. Resources can also be gathered in the void and used for survival’s sake or upgrading the train from a trolley to something grander. The game also promises that no two experiences will be the same, as random generation and player choice will affect the environment, events, and objects around the player.

Voidtrain is hitting early access first on the Epic Games Store this coming Thursday, August 12th, and can be pre-purchased at a discount on that storefront before then. The game is also headed to Steam as well, projected for sometime in 2022. There’s not much in terms of gameplay footage available, but there is a cinematic trailer that can be watched below to get the gist of what this one is all about.

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