Black Desert Mobile opens Lahn and Crimson Lily pre-creation with contest

Sure, fine, whatever.

You think you can make a rather nice-looking character in Black Desert Mobile, do you? Well the game itself is asking you to prove it with its latest community challenge now that pre-creation is open for the Lahn and Crimson Lily. Each region of the game (Europe, America, and Asia) will have a prize for the 20 best entries in the pre-creation contest, so if you’re happy with how your character turned out, you’re invited to take part in the event itself.

Entering is as simple as posting a screenshot of your character with three specific hashtags, as well your family name, region, and server name, on Facebook, Instagram, or Discord. Only public posts are eligible for entry, as well. If you don’t mind jumping through those hoops, you have a chance at winning 1000 Black Pearls and a seven-day Appearance Coupon. But you’ve only got until August 16th, so if you think that prize should be yours, get in there and start creating.


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Ardra Diva

as good as the creator is, some of the models just don’t really permit all that much customization. the new pirate character, i couldn’t make a character that looked the way I wanted, or even deviate all that much from default. The Sorceress is the only one that truly gave me what I wanted… one that sorta looks like me.

blackdesert (2).jpg
mars omg

and slowly the Pearl Abyss will phase out the p.c.