Galaxies of Eden is a new sandbox MMORPG with all the Star Wars Galaxies trappings


So here’s a new MMO that just landed in our inbox: It’s called Galaxies of Eden, and studio MIR Cybernetics Corporation is billing it as an Unreal Engine “social sandbox” with everything from housing and vendors skills to dancing and character customization and a player-run economy. It doesn’t exactly say it’s paying homage to Star Wars Galaxies, but the influences from it – as well as Defiance and SWTOR – are obvious.

“Galaxies of Eden is a modern social sandbox MMORPG where players will be able to venture forth as adventurers, industrialist, or even as artists and build their own communities. Players will be able to customize every aspect of their character’s appearance, build player cities, craft anything from weapons and vehicles to houses and furniture. Community driven gameplay is meticulously designed to make the players an integral part of the game. Players will be encouraged to grow their own communities, adventure and socialize with other players.”

Launch skills include Juggernaut, Combat Medic, Sharpshooter, Nanotech, Armorsmith, Architect, Weaponsmith, Surveyor, Vehicle Engineer, and Artist, with the Diplomat skill clocking in as a passive skill.

“Our current goal is to release the Alpha version by early 2022,” the Toronto-based indie studio says – ambitious indeed. “[The g]ame is expected to match with our vision around post-release second year,” with 600 players per server to eventually be increased to 1000, along with spaceships and PvP, though it’ll be consensual-only.

MIR also hints at a supporter system, though the website isn’t asking for money just yet: “We’re eager to reward our early alpha players by letting them keep 80% of their active & passive skills and bring it to release. We hope that this system will let our early supporters enjoy a quick start to their journey when Galaxies of Eden gets released.” It’ll be one for indie MMO fans to watch, particularly since it’s promising no pay-to-win as well as no paid cosmetics.

Source: Press release, official site

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