Sandbox MMO Profane discusses how players will acquire cosmetics


As we’ve touched on many times, dressing up your MMO avatar is the single most important thing you can do in-game. Mercifully, the devs working on Profane appreciate this most vaunted of MMO features and have once more taken to Twitter to write about how the upcoming PvP title will approach cosmetics.

The devs at Insane want players to achieve their looks by three different methods: crafting, finding artifacts that may have some unique visual flair, and the in-game shop, which is stressed as being free of pay-to-win items. The team is also making sure that cosmetics don’t hide what kinds of skills player characters are bringing, since being full-loot open PvP means that players are going to want to know what kind of fight they’re picking with visual cues. To that point, the pre-alpha already has cosmetics that adapt their materials to whatever equipment a player is wearing, changing the outfit to cloth, leather, or metal where appropriate.

source: Twitter

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I never wish for an MMO to fail, aside from Archeage maybe… But I hope these folks find an audience. Full loot, and open PvP… Too much opportunity for the internet to do what it does best IMO. I wish them the best of luck….

Jim Bergevin Jr

I think it’s a problem inherent in the indie startup scene where you have gamers turned dev trying to build the game they want to play because there are no other offerings out there. They come up with all these genuine nice ideas on how the game will be the best ever. The problems show up because they design the systems based on how they would play through the game and don’t design it based on how the general population of trolls and griefers will play through it. That’s why all these games suffer the same fate over and over again.


Well with the amount of cursing this game will provoke with open pvp and full loot, Profane seems like an appropriate name.