Starbase’s first big patch since early access is now live


It hasn’t even been two weeks since Starbase finally rolled into early access, and now it’s already getting its first big patch – but then again, if you saw the game’s impossibly ambitious roadmap, that won’t surprise you at all.

The update includes a huge boon to base crafting as that’s been sped up by a factor of three, plus buff to autocannon energy, guild UI tweaks, inventory performance improvements, and tons of other bug fixes. Studio Frozenbyte also says it’s “fixed the game crashing if the player died near a crafting bench.” We’re trying to imagine how that could even happen, but we’re here for it.

Do note that the team is still warning players about the easy build mode system. “We advise to avoid using Easy Build Mode with premade ships,” says the studio. “If player relogs while working in Easy Build Mode their ship may split in two.” Crafting in this game is dangerous, folks.

Source: Steam
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