Blizzard denies rumor that Overwatch League will take year-long hiatus after current season

Popcorn appropriately.

If you’re still a big fan of Overwatch and the competitive Overwatch League, we may have some bad news for you. A rumor being reported now by GGRecon is that sources within the league have stated the fifth season will not be starting in its usual time, delaying into 2022 until the release of Overwatch 2. That would give a vague launch window for the title and also make a certain amount of sense, but it wouldn’t be the shot in the arm that the game’s ailing competitive scene is looking for and would likely serve to diminish interest.

League vice president Jon Spector took to Twitter to claim that this rumor is inaccurate and there are no current plans for a year-long hiatus, although he does note that dates for 2022 have not been communicated at this time. It’s entirely possible that this is a spurious rumor and the League games will continue as normal, but it’s hardly the good news that any fan of the game is looking for. Then again, “good news” and “Blizzard” are words that rarely seem to occur in the same sentence lately.

Source: GGRecon, Twitter
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