Former Stadia first-party developers claim Google balked at the investment required to make first-party development work

Yeah, cool.

Holy wow, did you know that developing video games is expensive and takes some time? It turns out that Google might not have known this when it started investing in first-party development in Stadia, according to former Typhoon Studios developers Reid Schneider and Alex Hutchinson. Both of them paint a picture of a company that was prepared to push forward with first-party exclusives but had no real comprehension of the investment and time required for the operation to reach scale compared.

To a certain extent this makes sense; Google is first and foremost a company of platforms rather than first-party software development and publishing. On the other hand, it also makes the abortive effort for Stadia exclusives look even more absurd considering the time allotted for this project to come together. Hutchinson and Schneider both state that they’re interested in Stadia as a platform, but it seems obvious that Google wasn’t ready for the reality of, well… game development.

Source: Gamasutra

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I’m just a consumer and was super skeptical about this project, kind of naive of any professional to put too much faith into something that even on paper looked so amateur.


It’s like all those post WoW MMOs that sprang into existance before quickly withering away. They wanted the money and the audience, but weren’t willing to invest for either.

Ardra Diva

Google’s entire company history is throwing stuff on the wall to see what sticks. The eulogy of this company will probably end up being one word: Android

Jeremy Barnes

Why are we acting like Hutchinson is a developer worth listening to?


Big surprise. Dead tech. Brought to you by the Big G.

Turing fail
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Turing fail

Google early adopter at your own risk


Why does google hate stadia so much.


Considering how entirely out of touch Amazon was with their first New World design paradigm, I guess this shouldn’t be surprising?


Don’t they have Phil Harrison right there? He’s been around.

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Man, Hutchinson seems kinda like a shitty person. This is his response to media pointing out that his new studio lacks diversity. He really needs to get off social media.

To the point of the article though, I’m genuinely surprised to read this given how many millions/billions Google throws at functional product beta tests. Why was gaming so different than Glass or Google+? I get if they don’t want to do it in-house, but you gotta pay for exclusives if you want to have a platform like Stadia – ether fund second party games or buy exclusivity after the fact.

This is really weird to me for a company that seems to lavishly throw money at all kinds of projects that largely don’t seem to even be aiming for a return on investment.


The budget for developing Stadia was near infinite, the budget for operating it was pathetically small. Google’s approach seems to be rooted in the belief that if they make it, people will come.


Alex Hutchinson was also responsible for this lil’ gem too;

The real truth is the streamers should be paying the developers and publishers of the games they stream. They should be buying a license like any real business and paying for the content they use

So ‘seems kinda like a shitty person’ seems offensive to those who ‘seem kinda like a shitty person’. Man’s a full-on a smear of taco bell diarrhea with a side of Chick-Fil-A. Which would really suck if his career had multiple knock-out hits to his name…

… And thankfully, he doesn’t!