Lineage II’s casual-friendly edition launches today


How about a beefy MMO launch to spice up your Wednesday? That’s exactly what Lineage II is providing, as the game is pushing out a brand-new version that’s specifically tailored for solo and casual-friendly play.

Lineage II Aden is a completely separate edition of the MMO not only scales down the difficulty so that you don’t have to grind with huge groups — it’s adding a whole bunch of features as well. Players can roll up the new Death Knight and Storm Blaster races, advance all classes through a growth (or “transfer” system, explore a couple of special hunting zones, take on a solo dungeon, and train all manner of combat pets for field use.

Also, Aden is allowing players to largely macro and automate combat: “The ‘auto-hunting’ feature allows skills registered in the skill hotbar window to be automatically used. Put it simply, it is a system that allows players to add skills that they are going to use repeatedly in advance and to use them one by one just by clicking on a button. Lineage II provides macros that can be created to automate repeated use of all skills and actions, which is a huge boost for play.”

Source: Lineage II

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Neat! I’ll check it out. Thanks.