Old School RuneScape talks up its third raid, RuneScape details a mini dig site and Nodon Front fixes

Oh, readable.

The week’s news for both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape are mostly about things that are coming soon as opposed to what’s new. At least, the larger pieces of news; there’s still things for players to look forward to this week as well, of course.

The big news out of OSRS was the reveal of a third raid — the Tombs of Amascut — arriving sometime in early 2022. The encounter was outlined in a digital keynote and further recapped on the game’s official site, offering more details about its lore, gameplay, requirements, and the various rewards awaiting the victorious.

The Tombs of Amascut is an eight-player raid with four different upper paths featuring four different bosses to fight, which in turn open up lower levels of the tombs where players will have to face two guardians at the same time to claim victory. The raid features an Invocations system that replaces difficulty settings in other raids, each with different modifiers that can affect the health, defense, or damage of enemies, or reduce the amount players can heal or limit their spell use. “We intend to be quite creative with these modifiers,” the post promises. “The above examples are fairly simple and safe, with the intention to provide early insight into their impact for this blog, but we’d like to experiment with different ideas that might drastically change things.”

Meanwhile in RuneScape, the regular weekly newsletter talks up a Senntisten Archaeology mini dig site opening on Monday, August 16th, which will have a variety of tasks and a new Aurelius’ Mask relic that grants players all the benefits of the Mobile perk. As for things that are going on in-game currently, the Solak boss fight has seen adjustments; a double XP event is live until August 16th; and the latest patch applies a number of hotfixes to the Nodon Front and applies a host of changes and improvements to the Archaeology tutorial path, the game’s environment, the mobile version, and more.

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