Legends of Runeterra prepares for its Beyond the Bandlewood expansion’s arrival August 25


It’s very nearly expansion time for Riot Games’ CCG Legends of Runeterra. This Wednesday, August 25th, will see the launch of Beyond the Bandlewood and the devs of the game are stirring up the hype with some preliminary details and a new trailer.

Beyond the Bandlewood will introduce the game’s last region of Bandle City and 126 new cards. The Bandle City region allows for mulit-region decks to be used so long as players have a single-region card from either of the cards’ two regions, while the expansion promises new cards from every other region and all-new keywords. Interested players are being directed to Runeterra’s social media accounts, where new reveals are being made daily until the expansion’s arrival. Furthermore, while Bandle City will be the game’s last region, it doesn’t mean Runeterra will stop seeing expansions or new champions according to a press release.

For the time being, the official site has some already revealed cards and there’s that aforementioned trailer after the cut.

sources: press release, official site
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