AdventureQuest 3D invites players to celebrate Friday the 13th with new content at the House of Oddities


Regular players of AdventureQuest 3D know that Friday the 13th is something of a beloved holiday in the game, and while the Camp Gonnagetcha content will still be making a return next week, the game is seeking to start a new tradition focused entirely on the House of Oddities.

This new “seasonal” content will see players checking out an Odd Globe cursed artifact full of Dreadites to fight as well as capture. Once enough of these foes are slain in the Odd Globe’s Cabin instance, a boss monster named Kul’zandar will arise for teams of players to face. Naturally, taking on all these baddies will net players rewards in the form of Dreadite Parts that can be used to craft a variety of gear, and there are also pets that can be bought from an NPCs shop along with rare drops from both Kul’zandar and a Gnarled Dreadzard mob found inside the Globe.

As mentioned before, every time the calendar falls on Friday the 13th, a new cursed artifact will arrive to the House of Oddities. Until then, there’s some Dreadites to slay. Groovy.


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