Crowfall plans a new system for initiating sieges, shares another roadmap of content updates and additions


Crowfall’s ACE Q&A livestream for the month of August has come and gone, and the devs are looking ahead to the RvR MMO’s next major update. This new patch for the game will introduce a handshake system for initiating keep and castle sieges, which should hopefully prevent players defending a location from logging in en masse and flooding a siege zone with their team, effectively locking out other players. The proposed changes are outlined in a design doc.

Other updates arriving with the next patch include more hot zones and more raid boss areas, which are promised to effectively provide more of the kind of content that fans of these areas enjoy while also improving things such as enemy AI movement.

Speaking of improvements, the stream showed off its next roadmap plans, with optimization at the top of the near-term list, while mid-term additions to Crowfall include a PvP leaderboard, a revamp of the game’s caravan system, and more Eternal Kingdoms features like a tax system, farming, adventure parcels. Long-term, the devs plan to add building decay, animal taming, and crossover weapon specializations for the game’s classes. You can check out the roadmap slides as well as the Q&A portion of the stream in the embed below.

source: Twitch

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It’s like a joke. The best feature the games has is the open world sieges and they are going to “instance” the open world sieges.
They call a “social problem” not having foreseen the cap problem. If their technology only allows 200 players, how are they going to prevent that 200 players cap the zone to prevent the siege. It’s a design problem and it is their fault. Instancing or zone locking is not the way it has to be solved.


Gordon is no replacement for J Todd. The whole stream was pretty cringe and was like here’s just this random list of stuff we acknowledge you’ve asked for then basically ignoring any questions for specifics if it’s on the list. At one point they’re just like “yea yea the UI, chat UI, the map UI, the game UI we know you want a better UI” and it’s like man please hire a PR anyone cause you’re just gonna piss people off with those kinds of responses.

Handshake sieges are a mixed bag and present as many issues as they solve. Not sure this is really solving anything as just kicking the can to create a whole new set of problems.

mars omg

It’s cute how they worded DDOS, the exact tactic PacRim used in Shadowbane.
“logging in en masse and flooding a siege zone with their team”

I;m not one to make predictions, but this game is in trouble. Not learning from Shadowbane’s last year is the downfall of crowfall.. crow fell.. crow dead …


They weren’t referencing DDOS attacks.

In Dregs Campaign #1 the zone caps were 200. Many big alliances are in the 300-500 range of players so at night it’s very easy for them to log in 140-150 which leaves 50 slots for attackers (or less depending what other forces were in there). You are not going to take a fully upgraded keep 150 vs 50 by a group who isn’t completely terrible.

Now in Dregs Campaign #2 we’re 2 weeks into it and they upped the zone caps to 250. No one logged into the test server for the 7.0 patch so of course nothing actually worked and it’s taken them a week now to tweak server performance where now it’s playable at 250 player caps. As far as I know only 2-3 zone sieges have been zone capped since. Even then 150 vs 100 isn’t that outnumbered and a good fight can be made still.