EverQuest II’s Toil and Trouble update brews up unholy dungeon runs


A dark and twisted summer treat arrived for EverQuest II players this week in the form of Toil and Trouble update. At the core of this patch are a variety of new dungeons, including raids, heroic, and solo editions, as well as additional collections and missions to accomplish.

“In the Loping Plains’ village of Somborn, a society of secretive witches and warlocks—known as The Dreadfell Coven—have opened a portal to the Erudin experimental labs of Vasty Deep located somewhere within Ultera,” Daybreak posted. “Driven by their incessant desire to expand their proficiency in the arcane, the Dreadfell Coven are on a quest for knowledge and items. Nothing is too foul, or too holy, for their interests.”

Get into the spirit of Toil and Trouble with a short story and the official trailer:

Source: EverQuest II

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Reading the article headline just gave me a massive nostalgia hit for Everquest’s Lost Dungeons of Norrath expansion.

Don’t know why, some combination of the words just pulled up a load of memories of the first time I ever experienced instanced dungeons.