Lost Ark previews the Martial Artist and its four advanced classes


Amazon is pushing onward with reveals and deep-dives for Lost Ark’s classes: This round is all about the Martial Artist.

“Martial Artists are quick-footed fighters who like to rush the enemy with combined attacks at lethal speeds that can only be described as breakneck. Players interested in the quick and nimble Martial Artists can pick between four Advanced Classes; the elemental power channeling Wardancer, the heavy-hitting, gauntlet-wielding Scrapper, the special energy conduit Soulfist, or the wind-like, aerial Striker Class. The fast, fluid combos, devastating punches, and channeled powers of the Martial Artists ensure their presence will be felt on any battlefield.”

Players will be able to run their Martial Artist as…

  • a Wardancer, who combines elemental energy for combo attacks;
  • a Scrapper, who balances mobility, defense, and huge punches with absurdly large gauntlets;
  • a Soulfist, an energy-based toon with ranged and melee up her sleeve;
  • or a Striker, who offers aerial combos along with kicks and speed.

The game is slated for a western launch this fall.


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Had..No idea this was going to be so Cool…SOLD!!!!!!

Ray O'Brien

So hyped for this game! We should get some sort of Massively guild going!

Dug From The Earth

Beta when?


Well those all look pretty sweet. I’m trying to keep my hype levels under control until we get some concrete info on what the cash shop is going to look like as far as P2W items. However, I really want to play this game.