Project M is a mobile shooter from NetEase that strongly resembles Valorant

Time is a flat circle.

As the old expression goes, if you can’t beat ’em, make something extremely close to what they’re making in order to infringe on the market share of ’em. That seems to be the motivating philosophy of NetEase’s Project M, which looks enough like a mashup of Valorant on a mobile platform that you could be forgiven for assuming it was a direct copy. Of course, that’s already close in aesthetics to another pre-existing game, so… you know, time is a flat circle and all of that.

Regardless, you can probably guess how the game is supposed to work just from that descriptor, as it’s a mobile shooter with a diverse arsenal and characters who have unique abilities to mix in with their various guns. The game is currently in closed beta in undisclosed regions, so if another free-to-play shooter sounds like a fun time to you, keep your eyes on this one as it moves through the various test phases.

Source: MMO Culture

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Project Project: Turned based strategy game where you try to destroy your opponents career using Microsoft Project. 🤔

IronSalamander8 .

Will it have skins that cost 200+ dollars too?

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mike foster

I’d complain about this but I dont know that we have the high ground