World of Tanks celebrates 11 years with new tank presents and the return of Frontline

Dang, does it feel as if World of Tanks has been around 11 years already? Apparently it has, otherwise celebrating its 11th birthday would be a really weird flex. Anyhow, Wargaming got you a present. You’re not gonna say no to a present.

“World of Tanks’ August Heat is hotting up even more with their 11th birthday celebrations. As with any anniversary, World of Tanks is offering up some great gifts to say thank you to their players for their continued support with Summer Presents. For simply logging into the game, tankers will get their hands on a brand-new, historically accurate Premium tank: the T-34 with L-11. This Tier IV Soviet medium tank features a default concealment bonus and will come with a 100% trained crew and a Garage slot. Additionally, tankers who log in 7 times on separate days between August 12th and 22nd will be rewarded with 7 days of World of Tanks Premium Account and 7 Gift Tickets, which can be exchanged for valuable rewards, including bonds, credits, and even more valuable goodies in a special section of the in-game Store.”

The aforementioned “August Heat” includes update 1.14, which adds Czech heavie tanks, vehicle tuning, field modifications, the Safe Haven map, the return of Frontline, and a new mode called Topography that is meant to “test and improve tankers’ knowledge of maps and various changes to select Premium vehicles and the Personal Missions for Artillery.” Frontline, you might recall, is a 30v30 battle in either Normandy and Kraftwerk, and it’s been gone from the game for ages, so this should be a treat.

Source: Press release

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Ardra Diva

World of Tanks is one of the “most fun” games I’ve ever played. It’s really good on consoles, too.