City of Titans’ flight travel power is getting good tester feedback


There is no superhero travel power as iconic as flight — and none that is as important for a superhero MMO to get right. City of Titans knows this, which is why it’s been soliciting feedback from testers on its flight mechanics following the power’s introduction into the build.

On the whole, this first pass at flying sounds like it’s been well-received: “People remarked how the game feels different having flight available. They liked the style of the flight animations from lift off to landing, and they liked how fun ultra-fast flying could be.”

However, the team acknowledged that there’s room for improvement saying that the controls are too “tricky to master” and need some fine-tuning. The team is also looking into different speeds so that players can cruise rather than blitz through maps.

Missing Worlds Media also teased a future option for flight that it’s working on: wings.

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