Profane shares another alpha roadmap update, plans to test character creation soon


PvP MMO Profane is back on its Twitter trip, this time offering another update to its alpha roadmap and a quick rundown of the various development milestones made by the team at Insane Studios.

Some of the updates called out in the Twitter thread include work on basic combat and the weapons systems, which should be ready for the game’s combat test soon; biome work being pushed into August as it’s taking longer than expected; installation of a plugin meant to accelerate the inclusion of climbing and swimming mechanics; and a pushback of loading screen functionality in order for the devs to focus on other matters. Additionally, death mechanics are being delayed since weapon and combat mechanics haven’t been yet finalized.

The second part of the game’s roadmap update is being eyeballed for sometime in September, though it may take a bit longer to set up. As for testing, the devs are planning on kicking off the game’s first focused test, which will be all about character creation. The only way players will be tapped to join in on this test is by joining the official Discord, which will incidentally be the place where other focused tester pools will be drawn from.

source: Twitter

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