War Thunder’s Summer Landing event offers rare vehicles for completing achievements


What War Thunder player doesn’t like getting free vehicles? The game is all about military vehicles blowing one another up, so presumably having more choices in that regard is a welcome thing, which means that the Summer Landing event is going to be very interesting to players as it’s handing out six rare vehicles for those who complete certain objectives through August 30th.

The vehicles in question are the Finnish VL Myrsky II fighter plane, the Japanese amphibious Type 3 Ka-Chi tank, the Italian destroyer RN Aviere, Britain’s carrier-based Buccaneer S.1 attack jet, the Russian BMD-4 airborne combat vehicle, and Germany’s Type 143 Bussard patrol boat, along with unique decals and camoflauges for these new vehicles.

Earning all this loot is a matter of completing three of five tasks specific to pilots, tankers, and sailors, earning Stars with every completed task. Each task repeats through the duration of the event, resetting every two days. Stars can also be purchased with Golden Eagles until September 2nd.

For those who aren’t already in War Thunder chasing the requisite achievements, the game’s official site outlines the tasks required and the goodies that await.

sources: press release, official site

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