Cutesy MMO Fioresia Online is now Cinderstone Online, launches closed beta test


Let’s recap things a bit here: At the beginning of the year, we cast a spotlight on Fioresia Online, an adorable looking 2.5-D open world MMORPG that had cute little bulb-headed adventurers doing big people adventuring things like housing, farming, castle management and sieges, and questing. The game sounded like it was well on its way to becoming a playable thing, with the devs at Codevision lauding some funding to hire a full team and a 2021 development roadmap.

Fast-forward to this summer and the game’s latest announcement, which heralds a newly launched closed beta test and an all-new name: Cinderstone Online. As shown in the latest trailer, the game itself appears to be precisely the same, just with a new title and logo, while the trailer offers a look at the various PvE and PvP activities that players can take up. As for the game’s Steam page, there’s a button that lets players add their name to the game’s beta testing pool.

source: press release
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