Elyon gives a look at its six different classes in latest video

Boredom sets in.

The video content continues to pour out of Elyon, with the game’s latest video showcasing its six different classes. The video provides a general breakdown of each class’ playstyle and different abilities, as well as highlights each one’s Tab skill, which provides quick boons that are unique to each class like an AoE that increases defense and mitigates crowd control for Warlords or a reload skill that amps up attacks for Gunners.

Each of the game’s classes operates as one might expect them to (Mystics are healers and Assassins can hide and are nimble), but there are a couple of wrinkles that players may want to consider, such as the possibility of making a shuriken-throwing ranged Assassin or choosing to use pistols over rifles for Gunners. Class identity can further be customized through attributes, the Mana Awakening system, and more. For the time being, followers of the MMORPG can get a general overview of these six classes in the video after the cut.

source: YouTube
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