Fortnite brings back Wild Weeks mods, adds new ‘Impostors’ mode that looks… familiar


Are you ready to get wild in Fortnite? Then you’re ready for the return of Wild Weeks, which are making a comeback starting with the battle royale shooter’s latest update. This week is Sneak Week, with every Epic+ Pistol, Epic+ Assault Rifle, and all Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles getting replaced with their stealthy variants, and more Prop-ifiers and Prop Disguise services being offered at vendors around the map. Players can expect new Wild Weeks every Thursday from here on out.

Readers know that Fortnite is not against copying popular things wholesale, which leads to the other major part of the update: Impostor Mode, which tasks players with securing the safety of the IO’s Bridge or sabotaging it as impostors. Players will be able to complete tasks, report behavior, and vote to kick impostors out in a gameplay loop that should be pretty familiar. We’ll just leave this here.

The update also has made changes to the Coral Castle location as it undergoes an invasion and has also applied a number of bug fixes. All of the details can be read on the game’s website.


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