Kingfall is proudly advertising itself as a casual fantasy MMORPG with NFTs attached


Reading the announcement pinned tweet from Kingfall is a journey. The game is coming soon. All right. It’s a casual fantasy MMORPG. Hmm, that could be interesting. It’s playable globally in multiple regions. That’s a good thing. Early investors get a share of revenue for life… wait a second, that seems odd. And then it mentions that it has NFT integration, and if you’re at all familiar with the term, that’s the point when the whole thing throws up huge red flags and you start backing away slowly. (If you’re not familiar with NFTs, you have lived a blessed life free from creepy blockchain crypto nonsense.)

The Twitter and official website don’t have any further information on the game or how it’s supposed to be integrating NFTs, but the fact that it’s front and center in the announcement means that whatever the answer to that question might be, you should be accordingly skeptical. If you really want to support some kind of crypto mining scheme with your phone, of course… still don’t do that. Want better things. (Update: A Kingfall rep reached out to us after publication to clarify that it is “not a crypto mining scheme” – no mining here folks, just a regular crypto gaming hustle.)

Source: Twitter, Official Site; thanks to Morgan for the tip

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