Mortal Online 2 patches in mail, spells, and a city ahead of September stress test


Mortal Online 2’s latest beta patch has landed this week, promising a new round of character content.┬áStarVault says that the update has added new Spiritism spells, AI support, pet equipment crafting, workbench learning, UI improvements, an early version of the mail system, horse and player idles, armor penalty scaling, better taming behaviors, better death sequences, pet feeding fixes… it’s a lot. Your horses will also no longer have holes in their heads, so that’s a plus. Oh yeah, and there’s a whole new city called Hyllspeia. Just casually drop that in the patch notes.

Earlier this week, we noted that StarVault had announced an October 26th early access, with a final stress test at some point in early September. Players interested in scoping out that test can sign up through Steam.

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