Black Desert PC adjusts potions and ramps up skill XP earnings, Black Desert Mobile releases the Lahn


It’s a tale of two updates for the same IP as Black Desert on PC and Black Desert Mobile both have some updates arriving this week that players of either game will want to know about. Starting with the PC version of the game, this week’s update makes some changes to potions that include reducing their carry weight by 50% and reducing the cooldown time for certain perfumes and elixirs from 20 seconds to 10 seconds. The update has also improved skill XP earning rates in certain monster zones, with some XP earnings rising by as much as 70%.

This week’s patch also has the usual plethora of events as well, like the arrival of distorted dark rifts, a cannonball hunt, five daily dice in the Black Spirit’s Adventure item giving minigame, and events that hand out goodies to new and returning players and increase drop rates and life skill XP earnings.

Over on Black Desert Mobile, players can experience the kung fu ribbon fighting badassery of the Lahn as the class has officially arrived to the game with its newest update, in either her regular ascension form or her awakened Crimson Lily form. To celebrate the class’ arrival, players can earn boost items like Black Pearls, Abyssal accessories, and a tier 4 or 5 pet by reaching level 60. Fans can also get a look at what the Lahn is all about in the combat demonstration video below.

sources: Black Desert PC site, press release

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