Bless Unleashed brings around a summer event of tracking down salamanders

Much better.

Swimsuits! Weapon skins! The satisfaction of scooping up adorable lizards that happen to be blue and on fire! All this and more can be yours in Bless Unleashed with the game’s summer event, which asks players to go around scooping salamanders for rewards. This probably sounds almost trivially easy until you note that the salamanders have their Flame Saurin escorts, who look a fair bit less like friendly lizards you should place inside of a nice terrarium.

Successfully tracking down salamanders gets you Salamander Coins, which can be spent on rewards like a swimsuit outfit and salamander weapon skins. There’s also an ongoing fishing events and similar ways for you to get in on all the summer fun as the event runs from now until September 15th. It’s a perfect chance to celebrate the true meaning of summer, which is apparently chasing lizards. Hey, there are worse meanings.

Source: Steam

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IronSalamander8 .

Oi! Salamander coins? :o

Brinto Sfj

The fact that “cloth armor” can withstand dragon’s fiery breath should be the precedent that anything can work as armor in fantasy.