Book of Travels attempts to elaborate on the TMORPG sub-genre


The question of what a tiny multiplayer online RPG (or TMORPG) is was touched on by Book of Travels developer Might and Delight before, but the studio felt that the new sub-genre needed a little bit more elaboration, which brings us to this video featuring game designer Roberta Alves to talk about the concept.

As mentioned before, the “tiny” in the TMORPG acronym is the emphasis, as meeting other players is meant to be a more important moment than it would be in MMOs with larger populations. Alves once more repeats that the chance of seeing another player in-game is small unless players are drawn to a larger town. That said, the devs are also working on ways to make a meeting point more accessible if players truly do wish to find each other, though exactly how this is done wasn’t explained. Of course, there is also plenty for players who would rather wander alone to do “up to a certain point.”

Much of the video rehashes what’s been said before, but for those who haven’t been following along, there’s this quick video after the cut to help you get caught up.

source: YouTube
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