EVE Online’s July economic report may have unveiled the number of active subscribers


EVE Online has kicked out its monthly econ report for July, which has plenty to snare the interest of the industrious Capsuleer, but it’s a particular section of the report that may have cast a light on how many subscribers the internet spaceship sandbox has.

The section in question is the ISK Sinks and Faucets graph, which features a new category that tracks redeemed ISK tokens. Readers will recall these are the free piles of ISK subscribers gained from “The Grand Heist” login event that rustled some jimmies within the community. One Redditor by the name of Angry Mustache has taken that tracked figure — 9.4 trillion ISK — and put together some data-backed estimates of how many Omega clones are in-game, reaching a minimum of 63,000 active subscribers, though it could be as high as 100K to 150K “factoring in laziness.”

Why such a broad estimate? Angry Mustache does point out that there is a lot of variance in these data, owing to factors such as not knowing how many Omega accounts logged in to receive the full motherlode of ISK that was being offered during the event or how many of those tokens were collected but not redeemed. That said, he reckons these figures could get closer to accurate once the August MER arrives by combining the number of redeemed tokens in July and August and doing a quick bit of math.

sources: official site, Reddit, thanks to Robert for the tip!

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Turing fail

Chris, thank you for reminding my lazy, lazy self to redeem my free ISK. Or maybe later… still have ~157 days until they expire.


I expected them to be closer to 100k but under it. Like Wil said too not all redeem tokens right away and considering the time of year many subscribers can be on vacation and still have active sub. I know I never cancelled my sub there due to my vacation time(2 weeks per year) despite I didnt play because yes remember how omegas train even without logging in

Wilhelm Arcturus

The problem with that number on Reddit is that the event ran a few days into August and that, as mentioned elsewhere, not everybody redeemed their tokens the moment they got them.

235 million ISK, the amount every Omega subscriber could have redeemed, divided into 9.4 trillion is 40K, which I think we can set as an absolute floor on the number of subscribers, with it being almost certainly much more, but we won’t get a real calculation until we get the August MER.