EverQuest designer’s throwback MMO rebrands as Monsters & Memories


You may recall that earlier this year we reported that former EverQuest and DCUO developer Shawn Lord was working on a “throwback” MMO, which was operating under the codename of “Project_N.” Well, as of now this game has a proper title, which is Monsters & Memories.

“The name is a reference to the nostalgia we feel for our early days of first playing CRPGs, late night pen-and-paper sessions with our friends, and thumbing through fantasy books and roleplaying manuals, while dreaming of other worlds,” the team explained. “It also refers to two of our favorite aspects of our time spent playing MMOs: Encountering interesting creatures and characters, and the memories we take away from the adventures we share in these worlds!”

On August 10th, studio Niche Worlds Cult posted a Trello roadmap of how this indie MMO is progressing toward getting a proof of concept. The game just passed its first milestone — core functionality and content — and is working toward its second for this fall, which is combat tooling and baselining.

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