Fallout 76 doubles its experience ahead of this weekend’s QuakeCon

Meaty ochre.

It’s just about time for QuakeCon, an event wherein every Bethesda game gets a seat at the table. Yes, even Fallout 76 is getting to show off what’s coming next and what’s happened recently, and the team is eager for you to check out the various panels over the weekend. But you’ll also have a chance to enjoy doubled experience through the weekend, with the event running through August 23rd as part of the celebration around the virtual convention.

Need a place to earn some of that sweet experience while you seek out those doubled benefits? Then you’re in luck, as meat week is currently ongoing in the game and will be running through August 23rd. Seek out and acquire rare, luxurious meat for the purposes of grilling it up in the ultimate celebration of… well, meat. That’s not for a convention, it’s just for meat. Isn’t meat enough?


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Toy Clown

I’ve been having fun with Meat Week and the double experience stuff. Almost finished with this Scoreboard and just need the plans for the wood ducks and the bicycle grill, because why not? I’m totally in love with this kitschy, trashy crapola! I get a secret thrill doing up one of my camps in the post-war 50’s era, kitsch builds ever! Oh yeah! I found a disco ball plan on Grahm and promptly put it up. I’ve been checking Grahm out each time I hit a new server and have found an absolute wealth of plans I’ve never even come across. Going to start another camp build soon with some of the plans. Have a perfect fall into winter set-up envisioned!

Content like this makes me ridiculously happy.

Vanquesse V

New for this round of meat week is the chance to get the plan for the “pepper shaker” which is an automatic, heavy weapons shotgun.

Dug From The Earth

Need to find a regular duo or group to play through this game from the start with.

Kickstarter Donor

The Meat Week stuff is kinda fun, first time I’ve tried it. Fairly simple, but enjoyable little events. Took a break for PoE but I’ve been playing again recently after un-bugging one of the main quests (still got a bugged side quest to figure out).

I’ll take some double XP, will help me get those final legendary perk cards and catch up a bit on SCORE progress.