Guild Wars 2 brings back its fourth season of living world play next week


We’re sure you’re all pretty busy playing Guild Wars 2’s End of Dragons first beta right about now – and if you’re not, then you might want to, since it’s free and our own columnist has already written how much fun he’s had with the Virtuoso, Willbender, and Harbinger.

However, if you’re already tiring of testing, then you have something to look forward to, as ArenaNet announced last night that it’s going to resume its living world repromotes starting next week. As readers will recall, the studio has spent the better part of spring and summer bringing back old living world content seasons and distributing it for free a week at a time for folks who missed it the first time around. Starting August 24th, season 4 will begin; that arc picks up immediately after the Path of Fire plot, so you might want to have finished that one first. And as always, you can unlock the episode even if you don’t plan to play it yet.

The studio popped up a new video to mark the tease.


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So I get the interrupt for beta week, that makes sense.

And I understand there was a tweet or something from a dev that the Festival was postponed so as not to conflict with beta (because a lot of people are playing beta toons, and none of that progression is saved) – again, makes sense.

But…now they’re going back to the LWS and *not* the festival?

So when IS the Festival of the Four winds, then?
(2018: 7/24
2019: 7/30
2020: 8/11)

Ewan Cuthbertson

Festival of the four winds will likely be next patch August 31st. They have had the return events and festivals overlap before because the return event is permanent.


Great! Just started again this week and working through season 2 and all the rest so will have content for quite some time to come!

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