PlanetSide 2’s NSO faction revamp arrives to PlayStation 4 on August 25


If you’ve been following along with the news coming out of PlanetSide 2, you know that it’s been mostly about the Nanite System Operatives faction revamp. You also know that most of those updates have been arriving to the PC version of the game. But fear not, PlayStation 4 robot friends, because the devs at Rogue Planet Games have confirmed a release date for the NSO revamp on the console: Wednesday, August 25th.

Just in case you haven’t been following along, this new update completely changes how the NSO functions, letting free players become members of the faction as it previously operated for subscribers, while subscribers get more options for their NSO character like the ability to choose a home faction and join an outfit in that faction. On top of functional NSO changes, the faction is getting new vehicles, weapons, and directive trees, while the game itself is getting new particle effects, sounds, and music tracks. PS4 players will also be getting the benefit of all of the tweaks and adjustments made to the PC version and PS4-specific bug fixes.

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