Starbase plans to amend its stance on stream sniping citing language that is ‘too encouraging’


We’re not sure exactly what Starbase developer Frozenbyte thought would happen when the game’s griefing policies outright read “stream sniping is allowed,” but apparently there’s been enough of a whirlwind reaping that the devs have acknowledged on Twitter the policy was “currently too encouraging” to the behavior, leading to an incoming amendment to the policy.

“The language on stream sniping is currently too encouraging and we’ll amend it to reflect our thoughts better. Harassment is and has always been forbidden and covers many of these cases. Our focus will be to treat all players equally when it comes to harassment and griefing. Banning stream sniping outright would however be impossible to enforce and could create easily exploitable circumstances. We don’t like it, we don’t condone it, but we have very little tools that could actively prevent it.”

For those who are receiving griefing of any kind, the devs recommend players use the in-game reporting function, reach out via Twitter, Discord, or email, or seek the protection of player organizations or factions that will help provide some security. That said, if you do happen to be a streamer, know that Frozenbyte is at least planning to wag a finger at stream snipers at the absolute bare minimum.

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