CODEX, an MMO based on the Shards engine, launches early access today after a brief delay


Just last week we first reported on CODEX, a project that licensed Legends of Aria’s Shards Engine for the purpose of creating an MMO. This title’s hook is that players will encounter “seasons” of the game with a beginning, middle, and resolution before the almighty reset button is hit.

While CODEX’s early access prologue was supposed to go live yesterday, the team held it back until today for some last-minute adjustments. As such, you should be able to get into this title by this afternoon and check out what it has to offer.

CODEX delivers a series of epic massively multiplayer adventures, each taking place over a limited time,” the indie team posted. “Level multiple classes, inhabit hand-crafted lands featuring hundreds of quest hooks, craft and trade in a highly socialised economy of sole crafters and living merchants, decorate your in-world home and experience a truly diverse ruleset.”

Source: CODEX, Twitter
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