Final Fantasy XIV brings back The Rising for its eighth anniversary on August 27

Rise, rise, rise.

Another year of operation is moving into the rear-view mirror for Final Fantasy XIV, and that means another iteration of The Rising coming around once again starting on August 27th. This year’s celebration has a faintly ominous tone to it from the preview that we’ve gotten so far, although considering that Endwalker is just around the corner, that might make a certain amount of sense. After all, there’s something wicked on its way…

Few details of the actual event have been shared with the preview, of course, but players will be able to unlock a special parasol in celebration, as well as a new kind of firework to celebrate the event. And one can assume that it will feature another message direct from the development team; these events always do, after all. Just be ready to kick things off in Ul’dah on August 27th to see all the festivities unfold.


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