Hi-Rez’s Paladins is adding a new trickshot champion and ‘urban’ map rework


Hi-Rez’s shooter Paladins is getting playtime in my house again thanks to the dumpster fire still raging over at Blizzard that’s made Overwatch persona non grata, so the preview of a new champion has a sliver of my attention. Her name’s Saati, and she’s a bounty hunter with some gunslinger and drow vibes.

“No expense is spared to be the best of the best. She may work for money, but she makes her money work for her — with the latest equipment to complement her skills. You may try to take cover, but not even solid cover can save you from Saati, the Trickshot. To you, a coinflip is a gamble. For her, it’s an opportunity. If you hear that she’s after your bounty, you might as well stop running and meet her face to face — either way, it only delays her next night out. The biggest marks yet still walk the Realm, and those big bounties will fund a LOT of carousal.”

The patch notes for the impending patch are already out and also include a balance pass (including nerfs for several characters) and a rework of the Stone Keep map that introduces a “much more urban environment” that hasn’t traditionally been seen in Paladins before but really couldn’t come at a better time.

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