Mortal Online 2 announces ‘savage’ September 6 stress test


After a goodly while in closed alpha combat testing, Mortal Online 2 thinks that it’s ready for the next best step and is proposing that you join it in holy betamony.

On September 6th, this hardcore PvP MMORPG will kick off a stress test for those fortunate enough to get a key. During the beta, which will conclude on September 12th, testers can take cool screenshots for the chance of winning free copies of both Mortal Onlines. Get on that, One Shots crew!

To get a chance at a key, you’ll need to register an account over on the website. It’s also available by clicking through Steam.

Star Vault says that it’s ready for this moment; the original press release refers to the event as a closed beta, though the studio has said it will not be closed and will instead be an open free stress test: “The closed beta will give the devs a chance to stress test Mortal Online 2’s systems to make sure server stability is optimal for early access launch later this year while giving returning and new players another taste of the savage and skillful PvP combat the Mortal Online series is known for.”

Source: Press release

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