QuakeCon 2021: Skyrim’s anniversary edition, Elder Scrolls Online Waking Flame, Fallout 76’s Fallout Worlds


While most gamers are preoccupied with the big Skyrim news out of QuakeCon – that Skyrim is getting its 14th edition, the Skyrim anniversary edition, on November 11th, with some solid mods packaged in – our audience is going to be laser-focused on the announcements for Bethsoft’s multiplayer titles.

Elder Scrolls Online hyped up the impending launch of the Waking Flame DLC, which along with Update 31 launches for PC early next week, though the console version has been delayed until September. We didn’t get a whole lot new, since at this point we have a pretty good idea what Waking Flame and its side patch entail, but the devs did promote a bizarre guitar giveaway with metal band Trivium, which is apparently going to “premier a brand-new ESO-inspired music video” on September 30th.

And Waking Flame console isn’t the only thing arriving for gamers on September 8th: Bethsoft is also dropping Fallout 76’s Fallout Worlds the same day. As we’ve previously covered, Fallout Worlds is basically a specialty server system for the game; it will allow Bethsoft itself to create custom rulesets and server types for the community, as well as allow paying players the ability to personalize their custom private servers.

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IronSalamander8 .

I just recently finished the original Quake, the free extra DOPA episode, and the 2 mission packs thanks to Quakespasm. I hear that we’re getting a remaster of Quake being announced at this year’s Quakecon, and I’m certainly interested!

Carlo Lacsina
Carlo Lacsina

If you already own it on steam, its a free upgrade right now! I just played through it. Machine games makes some good stuff

IronSalamander8 .

I do own it on Steam! Thanks for the info.

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I watched the day 1 VoD this morning and quite enjoyed most of it (though I did skip over most of the Quake stuff due to audio sync ). Cool that us Xbox console folks got remastered Quake on gamepass (I think pc gamepass got quake 2 as well.)

I hate to admit it but I am kind of intrigued by the new edition of Skyrim and might (depending on price) consider getting the anniversary upgrade. I wonder what the next gen update will offer (it already run 60fps and looks amazing on backwards compatibility).

The ESO talk was interesting too. I tend to enjoy listening to Devs talking about their games and their development stories. I did smile when one of the Devs said that at the moment the console version is the best version of the game in terms of looks and performance, thanks to its recent next gen pass (Console master race! :p ).

Might try to catch some of the Quakecon streams over the next couple of days but not going to go out of my way to do so.


AFAIK the Anniversary upgrade is basically the whole Creation Club, plus a number of new Creation Club-style mods. So, I’m not expecting much from it due to how nearly every single Creation Club mod has better free counterparts (which is to be expected since non-Creation Club mods can use non-official resources such as the Script Extender).