Beta testing of EVE Online’s browser-based EVE Anywhere client expands to more European countries


EVE Anywhere, the browser-based client of EVE Online that we first reported on in March, has been going through its beta testing phases rather swimmingly according to CCP Games. So swimmingly, in fact, that the beta testing is going to expand to more countries in Europe.

Just in case you’re not following along, EVE Anywhere will bring the game to browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Edge, and run the sandbox at 1080p resolution at 60 FPS. The open beta is now available for players who live in countries like Germany, Belgium, Andorra, Switzerland, and the UK among others.

To this point, testing has been very successful, with over 50,000 streamed sessions served for over 30,000 user accounts in the US alone. Players who live in Europe that want to join in and test this new way of playing EVE can sign up, provided their country is on the list.


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I thought it would be for all EU countries but nothing for Greece and many other EU countries on that list


my understanding is that it’s basically a 1-game stadia… if you’re into having a minim of some-high-amount-of-bandwidth to run per client.