PlanetSide 2 offers a rundown of the new player experience arriving in the next update


The first few steps of life in PlanetSide 2 are about to get a big reset with the game’s next update. Lead designer Michael “Wrel” Henderson has penned a pretty in-depth look at these changes, which will be affecting practically every aspect of a new player’s experience

The changes begin right at character creation, which is being modernized to showcase each faction’s aesthetic and motivations. From there, the tutorial segment will offer up information on shooting, redeploying, using waypoints, and other important gameplay mechanics. After that, there’s one more mission to get from Sanctuary to teach players how to move from the hub to a continent to a warzone.

It’s not just a new tutorial that’s coming with the update. New player equipment is being revised along with some balance changes that coincide with the adjustment; there are going to be new colorblind accessibility options added; and other smaller quality-of-life fixes are coming like a loadout cover sheet that elaborates on class roles, visible labels for things like mission terminals and warpgates, and better 3-D visuals for waypoints. Other updates unrelated to the new player experience are arriving as well, and the whole thing will be heading to open testing soon; information on all of that will be arriving in later updates.

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