WRUP: Clipping edition

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If you no longer wish to attend our sporting event, we are sorry, but the doors are sealed to prevent anyone from reaching the parking lot and shooting off fireworks during the event itself. However, you can clip through the terrain to exit the building if it becomes necessary. Please use one of the following methods if required.

The seat clip: Get up on your chair and crouch, then de-crouch while pressing forward. Quickly crouch and stand as you continue to press forward, which should result in you vibrating wildly before ragdolling and clipping through the floor. Steering yourself carefully as you move out of bounds should allow you to pop back in-bounds in the parking lot, probably near a car.

The bathroom glitch: Run full-tilt toward a bathroom stall, then quickly reverse direction in midair before leaping into the closed door. It can take a few tries, but the door will hopefully close on you and send you speeding along at high velocity before you pop back onto solid ground 200 feet away from the parking lot.

The What Are You Playing method: Run into the play area and then lie down.

Bonus question: How often do you watch new movies?

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I honestly haven’t been in a gaming mood at all this week. I have no idea where I’ll end up this weekend. Maybe City of Heroes. Maybe I’ll feel up to Guild Wars 2.

If I’m honest, if I have two hours free, sitting down for a movie that has a high chance of sucking is not what I’m going to do with my time, unless I’m watching something with my kids. Maybe one a week? I used to care a lot more about seeing everything, now I’m way more likely to binge a whole series of something instead. And that was true before COVID too, so that’s not just the haunted plagueboxes talking.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I’m going to be dipping in and out of Elyon’s CBT a few times, and I worked up the courage to tank PUGs in Final Fantasy XIV again (it has been literal years and there was some nerves there) so I’ll probably do more of that to get Gunbreaker up. That is kind of about it.

I barely watch new movies or TV anymore. I guess I just stopped caring and I’m not sure why.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): A little bit of Elyon, a little bit of a game to review, and a little bit of the Tales of Arise demo. That should wrap me up for the weekend, right? Well, assuming that the tropical storm headed my way doesn’t demolish my plans completely.

Apparently I’m an outlier in this particular group, because I try to watch new films as often as I can; honestly, it feels silly to me when I become too likely to just rewatch an old favorite instead of trying something new. Of course, that does mean sometimes I wind up watching something that utterly sucks, but the other bright side is being able to recommend films to people who haven’t seen them.

Pierre, patron: I’m still playing Final Fantasy XIV quite casually, but I find it a very relaxing game to play. My Cyberpunk 2077 comeback is already finished as I had to admit that the game is not ready yet, even after another huge patch two days ago. I’ll try again in a few months. Chernobylite is occupying the rest of my gaming time. Another really impressive indie game. I found out how to maintain HDR activation, as there’s a bug deactivating it even if it’s on in the game options. As a result, the landscapes are even more gorgeous.

Bonus question: not so often, probably something like once a month. I’m mainly lacking time to play all the video games, watch all the TV shows, and watch all the movies I’d like to. And you MOP readers, WRUP this weekend?

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