10-year-old Allods Online is (briefly) selling another batch of ‘collector’s editions’


It is always a little weird to see an MMORPG release a collector’s edition well after the launch of a game, but hey, marketers have to justify their salary somehow! And so we come to Allods Online, which last week announced two new collector’s editions that’ll be sold through tomorrow.

Basically, these are two relatively cheap goodie packs (8 and 20 Euros respectively) that give out stuff like gecko pets, subscription time, costumes, and titles. The Dragon’s Heart Collector’s Edition includes sub time, which at least comes closer to justifying the use of the name “collector’s edition.” My.Games has been selling packs like this all year, and most of them do eventually get sold for gems, not just cash.

In other Allods news, the MMO is ending its ranking seasons this week and is opening up a new amber layer of the Astral. This includes new seasons of the Arena of Heroes and Heroic Adventures.

Source: Allods Online, #2

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If these were physical boxes, I would buy one.

IronSalamander8 .

I tried this briefly a few years ago. It always felt like ‘Russian WoW’ to me although I like that Arisen race and their WH40K Necron-like aesthetic. Then I hear it’s a mess as far as monetization these days, mostly from folks here, so haven’t felt an itch to play it again. Which is too bad as the idea of mechanized undead is one I really like, and their overall looks really work for me.

Bruno Brito

Allods is basically Russian WoW and it’s amazing. But the monetization kills the game dead. It absolutely needs a Pserver, and a classic one at that. Allods had a lot of the vanilla+ feel captured, would love to play a classic version.

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Agreed. It was a very well done Russian flavored WoW clone and was a great deal of fun to play until you reached the point where ignoring the [worst ever] cash shop became detrimental to playing. They had a lot of good ideas and side systems, then locked the reagents to use them behind a cash shop.

Later on they added a sub version that granted some of this as a sort of allowance – but the game would have done much better if they’d just gone the sub route and made all the systems available in game (and then just do the usual sparkle pony and fancy kimono cosmetics cash shop).

And I’m not sure if it was intention or not, but it felt like several of the races and faction themes found their way into Wildstar as well.