A3: Still Alive’s latest update adds a mode that pits three guilds against each other for control of a fortress

Let it die.

The fortress added to the mobile MMORPG A3: Still Alive ain’t big enough for three guilds. So that means it’s time for all sides to settle this the only way possible: through madcap PvP. The game’s latest update has introduced what it’s calling a “Server-integrated Guild Battle mode” that will have three guilds of up to 50 players clash over control of a fortress every Saturday starting on August 28th. Presumably because the fort has a lovely view, a charming breakfast nook, and stylish bathrooms.

In addition to the new fortress fight, the latest update has added a Mythical Awakening system for weapons and gear that lets players upgrade gear over Level 180 to new heights of power. There’s also a new personal event dungeon known as the Rat Thief Nest that’s available to players between now and September 9th, along with a new pre-season for Rift PvP and some special events running in the game. Further details can be read in the patch notes, while specifics about the fortress battle mode are outlined here.

source: press release
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